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For more help with giving, please contact Ann Morrick by email or phone at 813.265.4151 x 1103.

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A Free Gift For You

Great news Grace Family Church!

We are excited to introduce our newest ministry partner, FreeWill, a non-profit organization that makes it simple to steward your resources, write a legal will and create a legacy of faith with Grace Family Church at no cost to you! Additionally, FreeWill is helping us to grow the Kingdom of God by allowing you to donate stock and IRA gifts using the secure, online tools available here.

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As you may have noticed, we are changing the way we give.


By using this new method of giving, we are able to save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees, which means we are able to use your gift more effectively for ministry. 


For our existing givers, we are asking that you sign up for the new platform as soon as possible and then cancel your existing giving.