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In order to start listening to the Holy Spirit, we need to stop trying to be the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. When we accept our sins are never too big for God, that is when we can truly let the Holy Spirit begin to work inside of us.

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MESSAGE NOTES LISTEN TO MESSAGE The vision for Grace Family Church is to reach the lost. Our vision is for people to not just believe, but to


The Inconvenient Path

The question is not how do we avoid inconvenience; the question is how do we navigate the inconvenient paths and the inconvenient seasons when they come. The goal for us as Christians is not to avoid inconvenience, but it is to live lives of significance. Inconvenient paths lead to incredible places. Detours do not define us rather we are defined by the calling God has on our life.


God Is Bigger

How big is your God? With Him, we have victory. God is bigger than our battles and in His presence we will find peace.